Sunday, 21 May 2017

Forever waiting !

 Hi ! I,m up in my cactus greenhouse again this morning ....come on ...lets see whats going on in there today .

                                                        Waiting ........

                                                Excitedly anticipating ....

                                                    for buds to open ....

                  ......  the first new shoot from that dormant Dioscorea elephantipes .

...for signs of these tender new Agave pups to green up  , that I found still growing , under ground  , from where I had taken up the old flowered Agave now on the compost heap .

                                 .......waiting for things to root and shoot .

                                       ....... and things to just grow bigger .
                              All is well in the cactus greenhouse this morning  .


  1. p.s. there is no shoot yet appearing on the Dioscorea elephantipes ...but that corky caudex is beginning to swell .

  2. Lots going on. And looks like you'll get some blooms too soon!