Sunday, 5 February 2017

Violets Along The Cliffs - Mullion

So our Sunday walk took us along Polurrian Cliffs to Carrag-Luz ,  the Love Rock . We were delighted to find Cornish Violets ,the sweetly cherry scented  Petasites fragrans or Winter Heliotrope , the coconut scented Gorse which I missed taking a photo of and the lovely Narcissus cheerfulness . Back to the Polurrian Hotel where the lovingly tended gardens are full of exotic plants . Coffee for him  and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream'n'marshmallows for me and shortbread biscuits to share with one tired little Jack Russel .


  1. lovely to see you web page for the first time...the garden blog is amazing. thanks for stopping by at my blog and posting your lovely comments. thank you

  2. Aah..yours is the beautiful watercolour painting journal ! Welcome and do pop in again :)

  3. Lovely to find your blog and feel very nostalgic seeing your West Country pics. I shall enjoy looking at your garden in the coming months!