Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mending Teddy

Today Grandma Daisy Debs had to put on her nurses apron and see what she could do for poor Teddy !  One sad little boy , showed me a hole in Teddy's foot pad , from where tiny white plastic pellets were escaping !
  My daughter had thought that I,d forgotten , but I had n't and I know she will be pleased when I give her ,the baby's own book that I kept for her all these years .She can compare notes with her new baby ....Inside it , I had put in one of her first little ballet shoes....and in that brown envelope is a lock of her long , long blonde hair. I used to put in in two plaits pinned up on top of her head and tied with a pink ribbon . .... aah .....memories ...

A long time ago  , Grandma Daisy worked as a little shop girl in the most beautiful shop in London .....Libertys .   So I have always loved pretty Liberty Tana Lawn and have used it to make pretty dresses both for myself and my two girlies ...always saving any scraps  for appliqué and patchwork.
    I cut a tiny scrap to cover the repair  , thus making a pretty " visible mend " ..I think Tom of Holland should be proud of me ...his wonderful journal is all about making " visible mends " to wear as a badge of honour ,so to speak . I love his look him up !

     ..and then I stitched him a tiny love heart . Grandma Daisy loves her little Harry !

                                         Oh ! Teddy !    Now you're famous !

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  1. Being a poor soul who is easily brought to the brink of tears, this post nearly had me blubbing..and the lovely music too makes it just so touching. The little teddy will be even more treasured. I too love mending, I love to keep wearing certain things...and do little bits of embroidery over the top of small tears or stains which I cannot wash out. It is such a privilege to be a Grandma, isn't it?