Friday, 12 December 2014

Thanks Mum !

A parcel ! A parcel for me ! : ) Oh ! lovely surprise ! As I tore off the tape and tipped out a rainbow of DMC embroidery threads !

My wonderful mum , is a very talented lady , at many handicrafts , knitting , crochet, lace-making , embroidery, cooking , cake decorating , flower arranging to name a few ,
 She has been having a sort out and wondered if I could use them .
Well I certainly can ! : ) Ooh ! They are gorgeous and as I,m sorting through I see some gorgeous silver and gold threads in amongst them !

I have been collecting old embroidery books for many years now ..these Japanese Ondori books have been waiting in the wings for quite a while . Actually they are not all that old ... 1970's or thereabouts ....vintage then . me . With lots off little patterns in ....that maybe I could squeeze in before the year is out .  I am now on the look out for a special basket to keep my mum's silks in .... aah ...what a lovely , lovely surprise !
 I,m getting over a virus and have a really bad chest at the moment , been given a Ventolin inhaler to help and am trying to rest , not go out and keep warm . Difficult with so much to be done in the run up to Christmas .  I have also had to stop going to dance class for a while ....but I will be back ! : ) ( North African and Arabic ...and Bollywood )
I managed to get a lovely proper Christmas Cake made the other day pleased with myself .  I just need to decorate it .
Mum if you're looking at this ...thankyou SO much ! I love you ! You're the best !


  1. What a nice surprise , hope you get well soon , you could do some online shopping there are some really good offers on at the moment I managed to get a zatchel for our daughter the largest size for £60 after discounts with the offer they have on at the moment and an online code and some of the supermarkets are offering as much as £15.00 of your fistst on line orders , I only shop on line when i can get a better buy but sometimes when you are not well its a good idea too , hope you fell better soon , take care , Eileen xxx

  2. How nice for you to receive these, they look gorgeous on your cake stand. Hope you feel better soon.