Thursday, 4 December 2014

Preparing for Christmas the Daisy way .

I,m trying to stay focused on what Christmas is really , really all about ...and turn up that flame of faith .
The days getting darker and gloomier and  sad my family all so far away...every which way I turn , people after my money....and trying to tell me how I should be celebrating that holy day .
 I was going to make my Holly wreath today but we then remembered that we had a dentist appointment in Truro ......but I did get off a good pile of Christmas cards to friends and family. I like them to receive their cards , nice and early they can enjoy them all through Advent .

This is a needle painting that I embroidered with DMC cotton thread and some real silk  that my mum gave to me . The angels robe is the real silk ....very tricky to stitch with . Oh and the incense thurible is stitched with a gold metalic thread .
 The idea came from a stained glass window designed by William Morris in 1882 . The window is in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Cattistock in Dorset .
I enjoyed every minute of stitching him.....and encrusting the background with blue stars and tiny seed beads .
Not the best photo I know ,but I think you can click and zoom in to see my crazy stitching ...if you really must  !  : )

For me , I must first look within my own heart and mind , turn up that faith flame ,create a more intimate and meaningful Christmas . If I cant do that , then how can I hope to pass on the peace , joy and light to others ?


  1. It's a beautiful embroidery! Hope the dentist visit went ok. xx

    1. Thankyou , yes very nervous , but my check up was all good ! : )

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  3. This is so beautiful, and must have taken you days and days...I am sure you were thinking about Christmas when you made it.