Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Schlumbergera Opuntioides update

So , whilst you have all been enjoying the return of the sun , I have been in bed with a flu like thing again . Better now and even went back to dance class last Wednesday .
 The last thing I did was pot up the cutting , which is doing fine on the North facing bathroom windowsill ..... and I had put a few of the seeds onto a damp paper towel in the airing cupboard . The thing is , it was too warm in there and I had to keep re-damping the paper towel and I was coming down with the flu and just couldn't keep giving them the attention they required . So I quickly set up the plastic pot inside a plastic bag method . First nuking the compost in plastic pot wrapped in a paper towel. Then dampening the compost by immersing in bowl of boiling water and then leaving to drain away and cool down , before sprinkling those teeny weeny seeds onto the surface.  I also very carefully flicked the paper towel previously dampened seeds in there too .
 Then slipped the pot into a plastic bag and tied the top with a rubberband and this one has been on a warm ,n,sunny South facing windowsill .
So that was two weeks ago .......and today .....ta daa ! Can you see ? We have one newly hatched baby Schlumbergera Opuntioides !  Overjoyed me !
  O.K so you might need to get your magnifying glass out to see it .... (nerdy I know..but some of us love this kind of thing ! )

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