Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Quiet Day

 I,m having a quiet day , a gentle day today ....after last evenings two hours of belly dance classes......still going round in my head ! :)
  It is time I potted up the chocolate mint cuttings on my kitchen windowsill , put on some nice music and do some calming needlework .
  I am still thinking about adding a little gold work , not too much , to my " medieval owl" and have gathered a small hoard of gold threads . Maybe I will just do his beak and claws...I am still thinking about it...and relishing the moment..these things evolve slowly...and deliciously..and it is all so calming .
 I decided to do two simple needlecases of this design from A Schole-House for the Needle by Richard Shorleyker  ...that gorgeous 17th century book , we'd all love to find at a jumble sale or boot fair !
One for my mother who first taught me to sew and one for myself ...its time I had somewhere to keep my best and favourite needles .
  I am making it up as I go along as you often do with crewel work , choosing colours and stitches .
     Maybe I,ll add a little gold here too...... golden peas like coins in a purse .

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