Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hey ! Hey ! We're The Monkees !

O.K Thought you,d like to see how my Monkey Puzzle trees coming along. Well as you can see , I  have 5 germinated  now ,although the two at the front are struggling . The larger one in the terracotta pot is a cutting which has now rooted  but looking a little yellow I think. If I can get it through next winter it will be ok .
 Araucaria araucana is native to central and southern Chile , and western Argentina . It is another of those living fossil trees that I love along with Tree ferns and Cycads . I love its perfect symmetry ..... the one in the middle has already begun to put out two tiny branches .  They will look wonderful planted together in a grove , and fortunately I do have the space for them .
 The nuts take two years to form and are edible , but there has to be both male and female trees . I hope I have a few of each ....but will have to wait up to forty years before they produce cones . They are fine in a maritime location and are just loving this wet and foggy summer .

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