Sunday, 10 February 2019

February 2019 - make a start sowing a few seeds .

 So it is February already and this picture just about sums up the weather we are having at the moment . Blue sky and squally showers  . No snow on the Lizard ....o.k. so we did see a few snow flakes ..I called out to my husband " It's snowing ! " :) ..and then it stopped . 
  From Truro up they had very heavy snow and it was on the radio as we drove to my dance class ...not to drive unless you really have to ....but there was none at all we continued to Ponsanooth where we could then see snow at  the side of the road and also on the tops of passing cars  .
 Only three of us turned up ..which meant our teacher Liz could really zoom in on each of us and teach us a few extra little flourishes to improve our dancing skills . A pretty intense  class ... phew....and I felt that I really made some progress.
   Katie Holland is coming in April to teach Bharatanatyam and Bhangra .....I,m so looking  forward to this ! Katie Holland ....YAY  !!!
   Next month we will be learning a choreography to the lovely music "Barso Re" from the Bollywood film  "Guru " .  All this dancing will keep us warm .

 I,ve been sorting through my seeds and ordering in more and determined to do better this season now I,m a bit stronger health-wise .

Up in the Solar shed I,ve made a start ...potatoes "Swift" set out to chit .

Red  Baron and Stuttgarter Giant Onions , Leeks..Musselburgh ...Bleu de Solaise and D'Hiver de St Victor ....Purple Sprouting  Broccoli , Lettuces  few of each of Lobjoits Cos , Little Gem and a red leaved variety, Tomatoes Gardeners Delight .....also at the advice of Charles Dowding a tray of Coriander and Dill nice to mix in with the salad leaves .... mmmm I like the sound of that  !

 I found some fallen pups from a tall flower-spire of a giant Yucca type thing in a local car-park..not sure what is is because the mother plant was in the process of dying and unrecognisable ..may be an Agave or maybe a Furcrea ..anyway ....I gathered up six and have potted them up  .
 Sorry about the dark photos,but it was so gloomy when I escaped up to the Solar shed.. I was trapped in there for quite some time while it thundered down with rain !  ...aah..but it's a nice place to be with all my plants and I had my little wind up radio to put on some nice Classic FM ....and a little flask of coffee .

     Get water saving aware now ! Nothing better than the sweet fresh rain .

 My cactus collection is mostly all covered up at night with sheets of newspaper .
                 ... and the lantern with three 8hr candles in at night .

 Back indoors again in my nice cosy and warm kitchen I re-pot my Orchids .

                                        Looking so much happier now .

I thought I,d warm up the kitchen and make a Double Lemon Drizzle Cake .
I recently discovered Marie Rayners wonderful blog take a look !

 Double Lemon Drizzle Cake ...This has 5 lemons in it ! Enough to satisfy my love of zingy sweet lemons ....oh and the cottage smells Heavenly now too !

The rain is pouring down outside right now ...time to settle down in my favourite corner and do some embroidery ....mug of tea and a piece of cake ....
                                         Have a beautiful Sunday .

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