Saturday, 6 January 2018

Stormy weather and Gete-okosomin seeds !

 Yes , we certainly had some severe gales the other night ...the kind that brings down trees ! We spent all day lopping , sawing , chopping up this one that fell down in front of our gate . We had no choice other than to get out there and  get on with it , or we wouldn't get the car out !

 Our backs were aching  , our arms were  hurting as we dragged massive branches up to the heap up in the meadow .

 We had two wheelbarrows on the go . Looking on the bright side we now have plenty of kindling wood .
 I went back to North African and Arabic Dance class the next evening ,which got me feeling much better balanced again . Great to be back ,the Penryn classes have finished over at the Zed Shed and and we're over at Ponsanooth now , a lovely village hall, beautiful floor to dance on and nice to meet all the Ponsanooth belly dancers there ...hope they like us , the Penryn tribe ! :)
 A gentleman came in halfway through asking if this was the Aikido class !  Did it look like we were doing an Aikido class ?  lol !  lol !  lol !  :)

 Anyway ......after a freezing cold night and we actually had a bit of frost for the first time this year ..I have been sorting out the Gete - okosomin seeds .

 There are lots of seeds , although  , not as many as I had thought there might be in such a giant Squash. This is the biggest one that I grew last year 2017 .
I also have a couple of smaller ones and hopefully there will be more seeds in these ...I want the seeds to go to good homes, I went to a lot  of trouble to  keep them pure , so that they will grow true for you this year .

 I squished and squashed out every last seed and gently washed away all the gooey-ness .
We roasted large chunks of that golden and  orange flesh in with our roast potatoes..and let me tell you is delicious and sweet !   mmmm  !
  The seed have dried off and I have shared them out to three for each person that has asked me for them . I have quite a list !
This afternoon I will be posting them off and I wish all of you who receive them , all the very best of luck in growing them .
 Well it is lovely blue sky here in Mullion today and I,ve hung out all the washing. Next to take the dog for a walk .. have a nice afternoon all !

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