Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More Cheerful Retro Toadstools !

 O.K ...so time for a little eye candy ! A fab and retro embroidered cushion cover that I splurged out on ..what do you think  1960's ?. Lots of  bright cheery toadstools to keep the winter blues away. Foggies and tortoises . I think this must of been a kit as I can see the stamped pattern underneath  where some of the stitches are coming undone .

                                                           Lil' cute froggy !
                         Stitched with crewel wool on ....hmmm..linen I think .

 Mushrooms ,flowers , 'shrooms ,flowers , toadstools  flowers,, owls flowers , froggies , flowers and tortoises  with flowers on their heads ! ...were SO " the thing " in the sixties !

               Having difficulty loading pics today...grrrr...hope these come on o.k.
It is quite fragile in places, so it has been well loved and used ,which is good . It is so sweet and I think I might actually have it framed .

           I have been working on something  a little retro myself...show you next time .
                            Hope you're enjoying this lovely Autumn . x