Friday, 8 December 2017

A Trip on the Santa Express - Santa by Steam

Grandpa surprised us with a wonderful trip to the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

 We were greeted with a spicy hot toddy and mince pies and the children were offered orange juice and biscuits and our grandson even met another little boy from the same school that he goes to !
It was heart warming to see all these excited little ones and their teddies .
  We all climbed on board the old steam train and found our seats. The children were all given a packet of colouring pencils and paper to draw on .
The whistle blew and the train pulled away down the track , through tunnels over bridges ,we looked down into people's gardens , through beautiful countryside . Other trains went past and we waved to them . Charlie Bear enjoyed it too ! He did a very nice drawing while the children went off down to the carriage at the end to meet Santa . Grandma went too .... Grandma didn't like jumping between the carriages very much , she nearly fell over .

Santa was awesome ! He gave all the children not just one present , but a whole carrier bag full of presents !
 We said a big " THANKYOU SANTA ! "
                 The most favourite toy in the bag was the Slinky !
The beautiful old steam train took a good hour and a quarter and the children had a great time . They got the whole steam train experience ....watching the fire in the engine and the steam billowing out from the chimneys and out from under the wheels and the smell of the coal in the carriages , the hilarious toilets , the darkness as we went into a tunnel as we were walking back down through the narrow passageway , laughing and giggling all the way ....and they even played nice Christmas music too .
 Grandma  thoroughly recommends  doing  The Santa by Steam Trip  !

 Then Grandpa took us to the Falmouth Maritime Museum for lunch and to sit and enjoy watching all the ships and boats in the harbour and the docks .
 We ordered a Cornish Pasty and a side salad....and were very surprised that it came with chips !
 I didn't eat the chips .....the pasties are very good indeed..and that pot of tea was most welcome after such a long day !

                                                The Santa Parade !
 Grandma was very tired by now , but when we got home , I had promised that my grandson could help me decorate the window...and he laughed and  laughed and laughed to be allowed to spray my window with a can of spray snow !
You'd think he would be tired by now ! Bath-time and into pyjamas .
 Then I checked my emails while he stood at my side doing little drawings on some scrap paper...."Grandma ? " he said " Grandma ? " " Just checking my emails" I said.." Grandma  look I,ve drawn an anchor , look Grandma...I want to sew it !"  "Grandma , you said we could make a blanket for Charlie Bear...can we do it now ? "
So I found a old terry nappy and let him draw on his own design of an anchor onto it with a felt-tip pen and I spent a lovely cuddly hour or so teaching him how to sew , with a fat needle and some blue wool which he chose .
 Then he wanted to do a ship and a house and a whale ...but we really didn't have time , it was getting too late .
  I began to do the ship ..... yawn .... time for bed ....


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  1. We did an evening Dinner run some years ago and had a lovely time.