Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Goblins Stole my Leek Planting Tool !

 I was so upset when I could not find my old Leek planting tool .
   " Somebody has stolen it !" I cried ... and "I know who did it ! "..." Goblins ! "
                    "However am I going to plant all those leeks ? !"
 I know I could use a broom handle or a long stone or a hand spade...but that old tool was perfect for the job ...and even has a metal spike . It was a good one !
  So I got onto Ebay and bought another one from Ian of Rookery Cottage up country somewhere ... for a good price too .

 So it arrived nicely packed ,in a beautifully hand crafted  cardboard box ..apparently it is a vintage Gardeners World Dibbler / Leek planting  tool ... any ideas on the date ? ..hmmm.... 70's..... 80's  ? What do you think ..any way I am delighted with it  !
                                                          It has good vibes !

                               And then of course , you know what happened next ....

            The Piskies found my other one again ! Those cheeky Cornish Piskies !

                              So now I have two ! They look so happy together !

                                   I can now get on and plant my baby leeks .

                       I am so happy to have my old Leek Planting Tool back !


  1. Where in Cornwall are you? I am hoping to join you all down there when we sell this house. I refuse to keep putting things off till we retire. Life is for living now! Do you find your growing season is longer down there? have you always lived there?

  2. We are in Mullion on the Lizard peninsula . My husband's side of the family have always been here , old Cornish tribe :) Yes ! You'll love it here but dont tell everybody ! Whoo hoo ! You're going to live beside the sea-side ! The sea and the sun is not far from anywhere here in Cornwall Daisy Debs :)