Saturday, 13 May 2017

Birthday Girl me !

 So today my husband surprised me and came and helped me to put up the Beanpole frame for our French beans . It takes four times longer to do on your own . I know this because I,ve had to do this on my own for years he has retired and it is so nice to have someone to help with this awkward job ! He did look worn out afterwards though poor thing ! Those are the poles that I cut from our own Hazel bushes .
 The paddling pool has been put out to catch precious rain water .

It was World Labyrinth Day on Saturday ..I was dancing at Narwarra's Moroccan Dance Workshop on that day  ..but we smartened up our Labyrinth in good time for it and for any visitors that might have come to walk in it . Not so much moss growing in it's pathways now that the old fir tree was taken down ..Still need to call " Expert Trees " our local and best tree surgery company  Mullion / Helston to come and take the tree stump out though .

                                        So it was also my birthday last week !
My husband bought me this beautiful old Gypsy Table  see photo above , for which I am going to make a new traditional and embroidered  tabletop cover .It is just beautiful and I love it and it has a lovely "feel" to it .
 Anyone who could tell me more about these Gypsy tables please get in touch , there isn't much about them on the internet  .
 I had Seeds and Chocolate and Sandalwood oil and a gorgeous starry pink shawl for the Summer and flowers ,plants and some vouchers and lots of lovely cards . I am so lucky and thankful and am busy writing my thankyou cards .
 Next post - I will take you all up into my mostly Cactus and Succulents Greenhouse .


  1. oh I am interested in your table. I prefer dark wood to light. I think I am stuck in the 80's. Could you post a closer picture of the top and the legs. I really like the shape of it!

  2. Hi Sol , Yes , I love it , even though I think that the top has been replaced at some point . Originally they had circular or hexagonal tops and the table would come apart , like campaign furniture , as the Gypsy folk were then living in tents back then and would often be on the move . I'm fascinated by them and am trying to find out as much as I can about these tables , both history and the folk lore about them . I will post another photo of it soon without all the things on top . Daisy Debs :)