Saturday, 8 April 2017

Gete - okosomin in my Cornish Veg Garden

                 Sowing the Gete -okosomin seeds by the Moon waxing gibbous

I have decided that I will record on here , progress with growing the Gete -okosomin  .
 Kindly sent to me from Nancy Wolf in Vermont .Thankyou Nancy for passing on these interesting seeds and the fun and joy of growing them and your friendship .
I decided to give these precious seeds the best chance I can and begin by sowing them at a good Moon phase .
Yesterday 7 April 2017 - Moon waxing gibbous - a good time to sow vegetables that produce internal seed bearing fruits. Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, chillies, pumpkins and courgettes .......also good time for garden maintenance . I usually check  and recommend  this information  on a brilliant website --
 I have sown three of the four seeds I have , into seed compost , each in its own 3inch pot watered in and these are now up in my greenhouse . ( yes I still talk in old measurements )
 The weather has suddenly changed to being blue skies , sunshine and warm . The greenhouse is unheated , but gets very hot when the sun shines . I open the windows in the mornings when it is fine .
Wish me luck and hopefully I will have delicious squash to eat and seeds and fun and joy and friendship to pass on .
 I will update you on this soon .

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