Sunday, 5 June 2016

Meanwhile in the greenhouse - a surprise !

This is the time the Epies begin blooming , sometimes I miss them if they flower at night , as some of them do . I returned from our recent break away to find withered blooms .
 This morning it was a wonderful surprise to be greeted by this lovely flower .

                                             Epie is short for Epiphyllum .
I think that this one is called Epiphyllum Communion . How apt that it should open it's bloom on a Sunday .

                            The greenhouse was filled with it's sweet perfume .

After the Epies have finished flowering  ,  I will be tidying them up , pruning and taking cuttings , giving them a good feed and re potting where necessary .

Labyrinth update - I got the pathway cut early this morning and I think it's looking good !

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