Saturday, 4 June 2016

Labyrinth Update

                     I haven't posted a photo of it for a while . It needs a tidy up .
   I cut the pathways with the lawnmower on the lowest setting and the walls on the highest setting . ....except that , while I,ve been unwell , my husband has been using the strimmer on it and the walls are now full of a dead thatch of grass , which means that the lawnmower cant go along over the walls .
 So I,m going to cut it later on and he is going to strim the walls one more time ..and then I,m going to get out the rake and scratch out all the dead grass that has built up . Then the next time I cut it with the lawnmower , it should be restored .

 I had a lot of people asking me "Why don't you put rocks around it Daisy ? " and so then I nearly killed myself hauling boulders in  The thing is , no one helped me , so I gave up .       Also the lawn mower wire gets caught on the rocks as I go around  .
     At some point I might actually take the rocks out again .

 I,m only telling you all this , in case you should be thinking of creating a labyrinth , because  -  you need to make the management of it , as simple as you can , so that it becomes a joy to tend to .
 I also need to tidy up that windbreak mesh along the back . I know its not very attractive , but the windbreak mesh really does help to shelter the veg garden from the wind .
 I,ve thought about fixing up reed screening  or growing something tall along there  , but I actually like to see the meadow beyond the fence ....I,m still pondering about this .

   We desperately need some rain here , things are beginning to suffer , the water butts are  empty and its a very long way from the outside water tap to the veg garden ... plants grow healthier when watered with rain water . It actually would be better for all of us .
                                 Water is the blood of Mother Earth .
                                        Have a peaceful day all .

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