Saturday, 4 June 2016

Just been told it's NOT Sunday

                                          Beautiful old tree down our lane .

Sorry to confuse everyone , with my last post ..... as the morning went on  , so I developed a blinding , sickening , blooming migraine . Went and lay down on my bed and the next thing I knew , my husband came in and said it was lunch time and asked if  had I checked the post  ?.....groan......  "No " I said..."It's Sunday !" and thought to myself  "We,ve missed church !" (followed by " Oh well ! :)  )
  And he said   " IT'S SATURDAY !"    Oh my poor aching head !
Migraine is such a horrible thing ....but I had no sign of it at 5.30 am this morning .....everything was wonderful !
 I,m racking my brains now about this ..yesterday I thought it was Saturday and was out in the garden late planting out a pot of plants for my friend and sorting out a little pot of Sweet-woodruff for another to give at Church tomorrow..and now I find it is the day after, which means at some point I,ve missed yesterday or the day before , where did I miss a day ?....groan it's not a hangover.....I never drink alcohol ...this is a full on migraine .
  So anyway .... happy Saturday everyone !
             As for me , it seems I,ve been given an extra day .

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