Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Preparing for Winter the Daisy way !

I dont do Hallowe'en...( at least not the way it is being promoted these days )...... I dont do Guy Fawkes Night  ..or any kind of fireworks ...which terrify our poor English wildlife .
I respect and tolerate folk of all faiths and none on my blog ...but I DO do Christmas !  : )
 My lovely wooden Nativity set is always the first thing to be brought out ..... and it will be !
 But ,  I found this adorable snowman/scarecrow in the Heart Foundation Charity shop in Helston ..a kind and clever local person hand knitted him . ..I guess a snowman isn't really about the Christmas story as such , more about the season of Winter .... anyway... he has really brightened up my craft room and is going along way towards keeping the winter blues away  ! : ) and now he's on the internet cheering everyone up. He's famous ! : )  Thankyou  kind and clever person !  xxx

                                                Now, look what I,ve got here !
A few weeks ago I was putting together things that I needed for some little winter stitching projects , I found and ordered this " bundle lot " of mixed tapestry canvases and threads on Ebay for £12 ..which was trust me a very good price.....on opening my parcel , I could see that I was correct in thinking , that these pieces of material , were not tapestry canvas at all , but the most gorgeous large pieces of good quality linen for embroidery .
 Very happy me !
I didn't buy it for the threads ....which is just as well..look at it ! Shame on you and those that let their lovely expensive embroidery threads get into this tangled state of affairs ! LOL !
............. however .... ( calm down )...there are some lovely threads amongst it and I WILL have them all sorted out and will put them to good use ...even the littlest bits .
 It is very a therapeutic thing to do ....sorting through the pretty colours ...some cotton...some silk  ....some vintage ....some modern ..some unused .. nothing wasted !
O.K Here's a close up for you !   Lovely linen .... and it smells gorgeous too  !